The Importance of Tick Prevention for Pennsylvania Pets: Risks and Solutions

Warning Beware of Ticks.

Pennsylvania is the home of Lyme disease, and most of our residents are well aware of the risks of ticks. Did you know that our pets are subject to tick-borne illnesses as well? Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital wants to be sure that you know all about the risks and options for tick prevention for your pet.


Sinus Infections in Cats? A Veterinary Perspective

cat sinus health.

Your cat has a runny nose, is sneezing, and just doesn’t seem like they are feeling well. It might be easy to assume that they are experiencing a sinus infection. While you might be right, these symptoms don’t always mean the same thing. Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital is here to clarify things from a veterinary perspective.


Facts About Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats

Sad dog in the grass.

Heartworm disease has long been known as a problem that affects dogs, but it is a serious condition that can also occur in cats—even indoor cats, since no window screen is foolproof against mosquitos, which spread the disease. Animals can become infected with heartworms when bitten by a mosquito carrying parasitic worms called Dirofilaria immitis. The tiny worms enter the pet as microfilariae (larvae), but they eventually mature into adult heartworms that can cause serious complications in the pet’s heart, lungs, and blood vessels. 


How to Save a Life: Performing Emergency CPR on a Dog

Young man hugging his schnauzer dog.

When it comes to a pet emergency, an owner is undoubtedly more effective when they know what to do, and how to handle every scenario. Learning how to perform CPR on a dog is one of the best decisions an owner can make to prepare themselves for the unexpected.


Why are Veterinary Services Expensive?

clients with their pets waiting at the veterinarian clinic

Prices have been on the rise across the country, and veterinary costs are not an exception. Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital knows that sometimes the cost of good care can be surprising. As a pet owner, understanding why veterinary services are expensive and what you can do to mitigate the damages is important. 


Is It a Good Idea to Give a Pet As a Gift?

Sleepy kitten in a gift bag.

If you are making your list and checking it twice for your holiday gift giving, you probably have a person or two that are harder to buy for. It might have even crossed your mind that giving that person a new furry family member might be an option. But is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift? Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital has the answers you need to make a good gift giving move.


Does Your Pet Need an Eye Dogtor?

Funny photo of dog wearing eyeglass during an eye exam.

No one expects the family doctor to manage complicated endocrine diseases, clean teeth, and perform open heart surgery. Rather, human physicians tend to be fairly specialized.

In veterinary medicine, we are also lucky to have specialists in various areas. One specialty area of veterinary medicine is ophthalmology, or ocular care. While an eye specialist for dogs may not be necessary for every pet, at Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital, we are thankful to have their expertise when needed. 


When Cat Meowing Indicates a Medical Problem

Tortoiseshell cat sitting by window door meowing.

Cats meow, howl, chirp, and chatter for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they’re just begrudgingly acknowledging our existence or letting us know that it’s time for us to wake up. But there are times when a cat meowing and yowling means that something is medically amiss and it’s time to call the doctor. 

At Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital, we love helping you keep your felines happy and healthy throughout their lives, and our team is here to explain strange cat behaviors and when they might indicate a medical problem.