Senior dog smiling for the camera.

All pets are worthy and deserving of stable, safe, comfortable homes regardless of their species, breed, gender, or age. That being said, however, younger pets generally enjoy faster adoption rates than older ones. And while most of us are helpless against the overwhelming cute factor attached to kittens and puppies, there is truly nothing like living with an older pet who knows themselves and anticipates when certain things are about to happen. If you’ve been wondering about what it’s like to adopt a senior pet, we’d like to welcome you to one of life’s greatest gifts. 

All Together Now

The chances that pet owners will outlive their pets are incredibly high, an argument that may support the choice to bring home the youngest pet. Certainly, this can be a wonderful experience. But raising a pet from their earliest months is not without challenges.

When you adopt a senior pet, you don’t have to worry about housebreaking. Sure, you’ll need to introduce them to the specific areas reserved for their bathroom needs. But after the first few tries, they’ll know exactly what the scoop is. Also, accidents in the house are unlikely once they get the hang of your household’s routine.

Building the Case

Senior pets are highly reliable. They’ve already lived through the wild and zany years. Plus, if they were lucky enough to have a dedicated previous owner, you can bet they know exactly what to do and how to behave. 

Senior pets are steady and solid in their approach to life. They know what they like, and they usually know how to get it. Whether this is their owner’s affection, time, or a good, comfy place to enjoy their afternoon snooze, senior pets are not usually excitable or unpredictable. 

There’s Always More

Bringing home a senior pet is a wonderful way to achieve easy-going companionship. They are typically less demanding of their people, can genuinely enjoy just hanging around the house, and bring equal measures of joy and support to their families

In other words, what you see is what you get. They don’t have any wild cards in their hands and, generally speaking, don’t go looking for trouble. What’s more, senior pets have an uncanny sense that they are being saved from the shelter (or other situation that’s resulting in their homelessness), and pay that awareness forward. They return the “favor” with boundless love and gratitude.

Please Adopt a Senior Pet

Remember, pets are living longer than ever before. When you adopt a senior pet, they could have many more years in front of them. To that end, they’ll be able to enjoy a safe, comfortable life at home in exchange for loads of kisses, snuggles, head bumps, and general adoration. 

If you have questions about bringing home a senior pet, please give us a call at (610) 589-5019. Our staff is always here for you at Conrad Weiser Animal Hospital